We are a community of Christians seeking to live a life of fellowship with each other, in communion with the Creator, and with a heart of outreach to see people, families, and cultures restored to their inheretance and relationship with God and each other.  God has moved our hearts to see the Native Peoples of America, especially the Owens Valley Paiute and Shoshone, find healing and restoration to their God given place among the nations, and to facilitate the body of Christian believers to rise up and humbly befreind those who have for so long suffered, often by our own hand and pride.  God has also uniquely gifted and called us to use the beauty and challenge found in the outdoors to share his love and life tranforming truths.

Youth With A Mission – Bishop is a non-profit corporation, and is part of the international movement and family of ministries called Youth With A Mission (“YWAM”). We have shared God’s love for many years, with YWAM beginning in 1960; our outdoor program, called Sea & Summit Expeditions, starting operations in 1969; and our Bishop, California family incorporating as YWAM Bishop in 1992. We invite you to get to know us by exploring our website further, or by Contacting us to ask any questions.

2006 Staff & Students