About YWAM

YWAM LTSFounded in 1960 by Loren and Darlene Cunningham, Youth With A Mission was started with a vision to see courageous young people carry the Good News of Jesus to every people and land, covering the continents with God’s love. The heart of this mission has been to create new, cutting edge ministries that evangelize, train, and show mercy to the people of the world, developing a biblical world view that will bring peace and forgiveness to the nations.

Today, YWAM has over 1,000 operating locations world wide, over 20,000 fulltime staff of all ages, countless short term workers, and has served in every nation in the world. As a movement, we are decentralized and have no international headquarters; and with two thirds of our fulltime staff coming from the “developing world,” we are truly an international mission. One cannot describe YWAM by what we do, but by our calling: we are a pioneering mission, developing new ministries, new ways, in new places.

We are a non-denominational missions movement with a diverse staff from many Christian denominations, cultures, and nations. However, we all hold Jesus as Lord, and find forgiveness and life in his death and resurrection as described in the Bible. Check out our Foundational Values to gain a deeper sense of who we are. For further information about YWAM, please visit www.ywam.org.

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