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If you are interested in seeing the progression of the walk from the old Sebastian/Fort Tejon Indian Reservation to the current day Fort Independence Indian Reservation, here is the link:

Also, you can follow my updates on Facebook – just “like” our YWAM Bishop page (NOT the Sea & Summit Expeditions page).

Please pray with me to honor Creator God and the Owens Valley Paiute and Shoshone.

David Fairley

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  1. Rick Carroll says:

    This Monumental Trsk slipped my mind my ffiend. My Positive prayer input is with you and the group with you all. Life is so good today for us in God’s World. More than anything I guess I hope your having a good day everyday out there. Please stay hydrated. Fancy word to drink plenty of water… LOL May God watch over all of you safe in his care, Rick

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