Online Giving Answers

Online gifts can come via checking or savings accounts, or via Visa or MasterCard. Checking or Savings gifts are the most effective way to give as there is only a minimal .25 cent fee for the service, where credit cards incur a slightly higher service fee.

Giving over our secure internet service is safe & easy to do. Make sure you designate the “Purpose” and the “Frequency” of your gift. Again, the most effective way you can give is to designate a “Monthly” or “Weekly” frequency. If you need to make any changes in the near or distant future, you can Contact us at that time and inform us of your needs.

Thank You!!

Tax Information

Youth With A Mission – Bishop (dba Sea & Summit Expeditions) is a California 501c3 tax exempt corporation. Contributions are tax deductible to the extent they exceed the fair market value of goods and services received. Per IRS guidelines for tax exempt contributions, YWAM Bishop retains allocation authority for all tax deductible donations. Further limitations may apply; please consult your tax advisor.