Other Giving Projects

Our greatest financial need is monthly giving to our general needs. We are also looking for partners to help us pay off our the mortgage of our Healing Waters facility in our Campaign 360, and to join with our staff for their monthly personal needs. But we have other projects as well.

We invite you to walk with us by giving to the following projects:

Camperships – As we work with many lower income individuals and groups on our outdoor adventure growth camps, there is a need to help provide for the expenses of these trips. Though we already charge extremely reasonable and discounted rates to serve these communities, many are still not able to pay the tuition to these programs. Please Click Here for giving to our Campership Project, and designate “Camperships” under the Projects dropdown box.

Native Peoples Outreach Projects – As we seek to live out a life that contributes to the restorative work of our Creator God with the Native Peoples of this land, we have many projects where we hope to make a difference.  This includes scholarships for outdoor camps where we partner with tribal leadership to teach environmental, cultural, and family values to Native participants; community development projects with local reservations; reconciliation events; international outreach to native peoples; and much more.  Some of these projects are current, others are on the planning table, but all of them are aimed to help see the Native Peoples reached with the hope and healing of the restorative work of our Creator.  Please Click Here or the “Giving” button above and choose “Native Peoples” under the project dropdown box.

Thank You!!