Staff Needs

2009-4-17 071

We are thankful for all those who walk and labor with us. Our team consists of financial and prayer partners, advisors and board members, part time volunteers, friends, family, and our committed fulltime staff. We are currently in need of expanding this family, especially with fulltime staff, financial partners, and prayer partners. If you believe God may be leading you to join our fulltime members, please check below for our specific positions in need of filling, as well as the requirements for joining.

Staff Opportunities

Positions include:

We are in the need of people who would be willing to stand with our local tribes and churches to be representatives, bridge builders, servants, and simple friends.
Year round position which includes instructing one day to three week adventure trips for youth and adults, and supporting outdoor portions of training schools.
These staff are more specific to one of the two schools, helping prep and organize during the down season, and helping lead during the school.
These staff prep, support and/or lead one or more of our six month schools, training adults to share the love of Jesus in the school specific setting. Our schools may involve basic missions training (Wild DTS), outdoor guide leadership (SOAR), and Native American outreach.
This person works closely with the Base Director in all the facets of the ministry to see the vision of the base realized. This person needs strong organizational and communication skills.
This person will plan, develop and lead trips pertaining to troubled youth facing gang, family and/or legal issues. This program is critical to our greatly struggling youth culture in America.
This person will head up our outreach to the many climbers and outdoor adventures that visit in large numbers here in the Bishop area every year.
This person will plan, develop and lead outdoor staff and trips pertaining to the Native Americans of the Owens Valley and beyond.
This person must have a proficiency with QuickBooks (or able to learn), and a love for the office environment and communications. They would be encouraged to serve in other ministry aspects from time to time.
This person must be both artistic and a good communicator, and will work on our website, social media, blogging, news updates, and interacting with potential new staff and ministry partners.

Staff Member Requirements:

All prospective staff must have completed a 5-6 month YWAM DTS, whether from our base (our Wild DTS) or from any of the other hundreds of YWAM DTS’ throughout the world. This not only helps impart a biblical world view of missions, it also orients future staff to YWAM and gives us common ground as we reach together toward the same goals – plus it is a tremendous growth experience.
Prospective staff must next apply to our program and go through our application process. This includes a form, written questions, background check, and references. We want to be sure each and every staff member has been called by God to be with us, and to this end we work closely with the applicant to determine this together
Because no one in YWAM is paid for their part-time or fulltime service, staff have the responsibility to raise their own financial support. Most staff find their financial support (as well as prayer support) through trusted family, friends, and churches. The provision of such support is further confirmation of God’s plans for a new potential staff person. The amount of support needed will vary depending on each staff person’s personal needs and desired standard of living. A few occasional ministry expenses must also be raised, but most are taken care of by our program.
Some of our program positions will require the completion of our SOAR training or a comparable training or amount of experience. We desire a high level of competence, training, and experience in our staff. If you have little experinece or no formal training, but desire to get into this kind of ministry, we want to help you get there, so please Contact us. There is no room for cutting corners in outdoor adventure ministries – a simple activity that was meant to be a fun adventure. . .done incorrectly. . .could have devestating consequences.