NMConf Flagstaff 2012-9.jpgIf you live in the United States, or anywhere in the Americas, you may or may not realize the story of tragedy that surrounds your home. At the same time, you may or may not have met the beautiful native people that God has attached to this land for thousands of years. The success of hundreds of years of European colonization in the Americas brought devestation to the families and cultures of these First Nations People. Through much of this history, Christians sadly stood by and did little to prevent great injustice, and, even worse, at times have been complicite with it. It is also the case that much of the Church in America is unaware of the issues or biblical perspectives surrounding Native American relations, and few have seen the need to develop relationship.

At YWAM Bishop, God has moved our hearts to see hope and change come to this story. The heart of Jesus is for healing, restoration, and new life. The cornerstone of our vision is found in the story of the Good Samaritan: Who is our neighbor? We are located in the Owens Valley of California, and our First Nations neighbor are the Numu people – also known as the Owens Valley Paiute and Shoshone. With 8 nearby reservations, we believe it is far past time for Owens Valley believers in Jesus to rise up and be a true friend and neighbor of the Numu – regardless of our perceived differences. Please stand with us as we share the true nature of Christ’s love with the Numu.

Coso Rising – Goals of Native American Outreach
Statement to the Numu
Partner Together