Coso Rising

Coso Rising
“Soaring to the Creator through the healing of both wings”

Our goals are to:
Promote relationship & healing between American Christians & Native Americans
Support all people in their God honoring cultural uniqueness
Commit to humbly struggle with cross-cultural questions of faith & practice
Assist those who seek their inheritance & purpose in Jesus
Honor God & all people in our goals, regardless of heritage, color, or faith

We intend to fulfill these by:
Being a caring neighbor & friend of Native Americans, starting in the Eastern Sierra Region
Facilitating other Christians into the same God given word to love our neighbors

The name “Coso Rising” has deep meaning. The word for fire in the Paiute language is “Coso”. It is also the name of a nearby hot spring that is believed by the local native people to have healing qualities. So we use this name to conjure a powerful image of rising hope, healing, and change.