The Pacific Hope

The M/V Pacific Hope – a medically equipped ship commissioned to serve the nations and needy peoples of the Caribbean region, with the dream to bring physical, spiritual, and relational healing to the Americas.



Healing Gives… Restoration

For 500 years of American history, a clash of cultures devastated communities and nations in the Caribbean region.  Today, great wealth and great poverty intermix like a checker board; oft times tropical beauty provides camouflage to desperate need.  When we join together to bring healing to individuals and families, restoration and peace comes to communities and nations.  The forgotten become known, the known are healed, and the healed become healers.

Healing Gives… Life

When pain and debilitating conditions inundate one’s being, simple tasks become exhausting; family, purpose, and joy become blurred.  Such pain can be physical, emotional, relational, and even cultural.  Healing, conveyed through love, gives rich life that transforms. . .everything!

Healing Gives… Hope

When word of astounding physical healings reached their homes, people came from far and wide to see, hear, and touch Jesus.  What he gave them was more than precious, physical healing: he healed their spirits, restored their joy, and gave them purpose.  Healing inspires expectant hope!

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