Let There Be Life – Vanuatu

The Least and the Last on Earth are the First and the Foremost in God’s Vision! Many tribal villages of the South Pacific islands of Vanuatu have gone unnoticed by most of the world. Yet by their own admission, these people long to be noticed; they long to learn and have better opportunities; they long to have medical and dental care to resolve their pain and sickness; and they long for spiritual teaching that will bring hope and freedom to their families and communities. You can give life! If you work in the medical profession, you can improve life. If you are practiced at construction, you can build life. If you can communicate the love of Jesus, you can offer life. If you can just sit with one of these islanders, smile, and say, “I came all this way because you are worth it,” then you can plant the seeds of life. Let there be LIFE in VANUATU!

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