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Traversing mountains

and sailing seas

KNOW people


CHAMPION nations

Every person has value & purpose.  For many, barriers formed by geography, history, or societal realities have isolated & often wounded whole groups of people, making them "unseen" or "ignored" by others.

We desire to KNOW such people, to share with them the HEALING we ourselves have found in Jesus, and to CHAMPION their own God-given value & purpose among the nations.

As part of the Youth With A Mission movement, we achieve this by using our unique skillset in outdoor adventure recreation, and in remote mountain, desert, & sea travel.  We are the home of Sea & Summit Expeditions...restoring lives around the world since 1969.  Join us in bringing healing, hope, and we traverse mountains and sail seas!




Message to the Unseen

If you come from a family, culture, or situation where you have been unseen, hurt, or ignored, then please know this: you are not alone, you are not useless, & you are not without a meaningful future.  You are, in fact, deeply loved by Jesus, our Creator, & there are those who desire to know you, hear you, & love you.  You are unique and you have great value.  What's more, Creator God has placed you on this earth for a purpose.  This purpose includes walking in close friendship with Him, and also to serve others in the uniqueness of who you are.  We need you...we need each other.  If you desire to communicate about these things, please write us using the contact info below.

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