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The Sea & Summit Discipleship Training School
…with YWAM Sea & Summit Expeditions

We invite you on a journey…

…to explore the beauty and fullness of God

…to discover what it really means to know God and have a relationship with him

…to learn to hear his voice and gain the courage to follow him

…to review the depths of your own heart and find renewal and life in Jesus

…to develop the boldness and compassion to bring God’s goodness to this world


…to take your place in bringing God’s healing and hope to forgotten peoples and distant Nations!

As you engage on this Adventure with us and with God, you will also grow in him through the Adventure found in the mountains and on the sea as we…

…backpack among the majestic, glacier polished, granite spires of the Sierra Nevada

…rock climb and rappel on rustic craigs in remote dessert and canyon landscapes


…learn to hoist a sail and fill it with a fresh breeze as the dolphins race off our bow.

All the while, you will be creating lifelong friendships with an intimate team of peers and leaders who will encourage you, challenge you, struggle with you, succeed with you, and celebrate with you.  So in this journey, you will not be alone.

In any Adventure, there is risk.  Life itself is the Great Adventure, and therefore it is full of great risks.  Jesus has come to heal you and bring peace to you where you have navigated poorly in the past.

…come with us and find His peace…

Jesus is ready to teach you, strengthen you, and walk with you so that you might stand when risk and challenge arise in your life again…and it will.

…come with us and let him prepare you…

God is calling you not to fear risk, but to face it with his leading and by His side.  …come with us and discover your life’s  adventure!

The Sea & Summit Discipleship Training School is seeking individuals longing for something new, looking for what is next, and wanting to discover all the Creator of the Universe has for them.  That person is you!  Come Adventure with us!!


Requirements: A desire to know God more, a heart to share Jesus with the Nations, and being 18 years or older.


Qualifications: If you have backpacked, rock climbed, or sailed in your past, that will be outstanding for this course; but it will not be necessary to have had any of those experiences.  The only thing we ask is that you understand there will be some physical challenge involved.  We are not going glamping (i.e., luxury camping)!  We will see and experience some of the most beautiful and adventurous places this world has to offer, while also sleeping on the ground, carrying all of our gear on our backs (up & down mountains), and possibly popping seasick pills for the boats.  But you will have guides and peers to teach and encourage you along the way, and you will learn to teach & encourage others.


Length: 6 months


Dates: September, 2024 to February, 2025


Start Location: Bishop, California, USA


Travel Locations: Caribbean islands of Puerto Rico & Dominica


Cost: TBA


What is Covered in the Cost: All food, travel, outreach airfare, housing (or rather tents & shelters!), travel insurance, climbing equipment


What is Not Covered: Travel to our start location and back home from our end location.  Also not covered: Clothing, backpack, sleeping bag, personal backpack equipment, & outdoor clothing.  We will send a detailed list once you have been accepted to the school.  Where we encourage you to purchase your own backpack, sleeping bag, and sleeping mat, we can also rent those items to you.  We can help direct you in the purchase and acquiring of such gear. 

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